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In the meanwhile do not to hesitate to ask any questions on our products by mail. We love to reply to you and give you further assistance.

If you wish to purchase any items, please visit our shop, which is already translated by Etsy. We ship all products worldwide on request. 

Some features of Lumikello:

Lumikello. Design and recycling. A simple idea was the beginning of the work of Lumikello, a German Design Manufactury. Secondhand T-shirts and other pieces of fabric, such as fitted sheets or pajamas from Cotton Jersey are cleaned and cut into strips – creating a handmade unique yarn from which all items are made. This Yarn is the basis for the colorful design of Lumikello. Crocheted pillows or rugs custom arise in all kinds of desired sizes. Washable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Points of interest: Lumikello manufactures all pillows and rug on request customized in favorite colors.