Holiday Love: My Island. Juist.

Ferienliebe: Meine Insel. Juist.

I actually wanted to secretly, quietly and quietly disappear to "my" island and then it was so nice that I just had to share the joy of this vacation. Of course, favorite and longed-for places are always very individual. Juist is definitely mine and especially now after the long Corona year and before moving to Schleswig-Holstein and three years without a break, I've soaked up every moment like never before. Grateful to be here.

I can still remember very well how we came to Juist for the first time. We have always been North Sea fans, the three children were still small and holidays usually had something to do with the exodus from Egypt. So my husband couldn't be blamed for strictly refusing to vacation on an island that couldn't be reached by car. Sylt was too far for us - from Karlsruhe at the time - and too big and there was (and is) a beautiful hotel on Norderney. So we chose the neighboring island of Juist for three years. But my curiosity remained and on my third holiday on Norderney, I managed to persuade my husband to go on a day trip to Juist. When we arrive at the port, we walk 10 minutes across the narrowest German North Sea island directly to the beach and when we reached it it was immediately clear: our next vacation would be on the car-free island. We stood on the incredibly white and long, almost deserted beach and were overwhelmed by the beauty, the peace and everything that defines this island for us. I always have the feeling that you are closer to the elements - to put it a bit esoterically - and can really breathe deeply.

At that time, due to its location, Juist could only be reached by ferry twice a day and tourist ships only reached the island once or twice a week. That's why Juist never seems "overcrowded" - even in high season. Although there are now a few fast ferries - small boats that run in addition to the ferries between the mainland and the island - we still found it to be very quiet and relaxed. But what we appreciated most, especially with the children, was that you can really “get down” on Juist. The town has pretty shops and nice restaurants; You can ride a bike and surf, but what makes the island more accessible is the fact that you can feel nature, the weather and the tides so directly - perhaps only distracted by the neighbor in the beach chair with whom you are having a chat.

Our first vacation on Juist a few years ago was actually something like taking a deep breath and taking a break with the small children. The first two then three boys were lucky. The beach was a stone's throw from the hotel and you could move around freely as the island is car-free. In the afternoon there was another highlight: the Böötchenteich in the center of the town is the meeting point for the younger Juist guests. There you can sail small sailing boats - with or without motors - and make friends.

In general, Juist is an island of little joys: if you're looking for a spectacular fun pool, a family hotel with unusual children's entertainment or the latest trendy sport, you won't feel at home. Anyone who needs a little less and for whom the spectacular nature is enough will love Juist as much as we do.

Of course, there are still excursion options: a nature trail, trips to the seal beds or to the neighboring bird sanctuary, flights to Heligoland or trips to Norderney; or a bike ride to "Domain Bill" where you can get the best raisin bread in the world and in the hinterland stretches the unbelievably unreal end of the island, which seems more like the end of the world and where you can really leave everything behind. I confess: we haven't even managed to do that this week, which is now coming to an end. There was too much to read, enjoy and relax.

What remains to be answered is where is the best place to stay and eat. Not that easy to answer. The selection isn't that big and we don't really know many accommodations. Juist is overlooked by the venerable spa house, which has counted emperors and kings among its guests and whose "white hall" is definitely worth a quick visit. Today the beautiful old building houses the "Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist", where we felt very comfortable during our first two years on Juist. The child care is very nice and there is a swimming pool. What is truly spectacular is the view of the North Sea from the rooms on the north side. And a very hot tip for non-hotel guests: be sure to visit the dome on the roof of the Kurhaus, which offers a spectacular all-round view.

Beach Hotel Kurhaus Juist

After a dog moved in with us and accompanied us on vacation, we had to look for a new place to stay, because dogs are only allowed in the outside apartments at the "Kurhaus". We then lived in the "Parkvilla Mathilde" in very nice rooms and apartments, a stone's throw from the seawater swimming pool. However, I admit that the topic of dogs and holidays on the German North Sea coast - including on Juist - made our stay here on the island miserable after a few years: we also did

But the longing for Juist remained and so I returned this year with my children. To the beautiful beach hotel on the dune because I wanted a vacation with a view, a breakfast buffet and a swimming pool. And I'm totally sure I'll go back at least once a year. The recovery factor is 100% for me. Then with my husband, because he stayed on the farm so that the animals would be looked after.

The only thing that you can't change on the German North Sea coast is of course the weather and we are definitely not the benchmark. We moved to Schleswig-Holstein voluntarily and are happy when there are storms at sea - the weather was almost too good for me on this holiday. The weather is what it is. You can't change that.

General information about Juist

First class vacation at the Hotel Strandhotel Juist

Pretty holiday apartments right next to the wave pool

The best baker (also the only one but extremely delicious baked goods)


our top three this year

The Friesenhof kitchen workshop

Tasty things on the beach

Restaurant in the beach hotel

And otherwise?

Be sure to buy nougat from “Süße Dinge”

Information about arrival

And now? It took three weeks to put this post online. Also because disaster struck and it didn't seem right to me to publish nice holiday pictures. But: life goes on and we all need to gain strength and perhaps one or the other is still looking for inspiration without wandering into the distance that is fraught with the risk of corona. Maybe even during the autumn holidays if there is a nice storm. Or next year, or or or... in any case, there will be more blog posts here soon. Next I'll tell you what will happen next with Lumikello. I would be happy if you would join me here too.