About Us

With love for beauty.

Eva Kaiser is the heart and mind of Lumikello.

After detours through training as a hotel manager, studying business administration and working in PR and marketing, she found her calling: with Lumikello, she founded a creative label that allows her to live out her desire for color and her love of interior design and art.

The name Lumikello was created as a label for a first home collection with cushions and carpets made from old T-shirts and recycled yarns. The sustainable and hand-made favorite pieces are now crocheted by a small team in Northern Germany and delight many regular customers.

Incidentally, Lumikello is the Finnish name for the snowdrop, which Eva chose as a symbol of something new emerging from the old. And ultimately that is what motivates creative people: to constantly reinvent themselves and never stand still.

Lumikello is now much more than just a small manufacturer. The mother of three sons now has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram and takes them with her to her old estate in the south of Kiel, where the heart of Lumikello beats.

Your services include:

  • Online shop with your own products and special favorites
  • Trends and creative things in the blog and on Instagram
  • Styling, events and photo work for well-known customers
  • Color advice and workshops
  • Showroom and events on their estate in northern Germany

By the way: If you would like to spend a holiday at Lumikello, you are warmly welcome in the farm's own design apartment.