A new start for Mumutane

A new start for Mumutane
The German-based brand Lumikello has acquired the award-winning Danish design brand Mumutane. The synergy between Lumikello and Mumutane is undeniable – from product quality to their shared commitment to conscious consumerism. Both brands are distinguished by their unorthodox use of materials and processes, as well as their dedication to exceeding expectations. With Mumutane's impressive presence across Europe and participation in various interior and design events, along with both companies' global reach, this acquisition promises a new chapter of creativity and growth.
Maria, the founder, and owner of Mumutane expresses her delight in the acquisition, stating, "I've always valued Eva and her brand Lumikello as more than just customers. Our journey began with a shared vision and passion for quality and purpose-driven design. Our entrepreneurial spirits connected us, evolving into a strong relationship over the years."
The combination of Lumikello’s vibrant approach and dedication to sustainability align perfectly with Mumutane's ethos, ensuring a seamless transition for the brand. Customers who have enjoyed the blend of Mumutane and Lumikello cushions over the years can expect this collaboration to continue to evolve and offer even more exciting products. "I have so many ideas," Eva said with a big smile on her face when they met in Germany at the beginning of June, "this is a huge and awesome opportunity for both me and Lumikello. I look forward to expanding Lumikello with the acquisition of Mumutane."
Maria has great confidence in Eva’s ability to lead Mumutane to new heights as part of Lumikello. Eva envisions a bright future where design meets purpose, with great craftsmanship and a redefinition of interior aesthetics.
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