The snowdrops are blooming!

Die Schneeglöckchen blühen!

What a double joy, because the snowdrops are our trademark. When I was looking for a name for my newborn label, I consulted a Finnish dictionary 9 years ago (very few people can speak Finnish and Finnish words sound so foreign that they are usually neither associated positively nor negatively - the company also has the same made muuto). After my even younger children could pronounce and remember the word and the domain still existed, it became my trademark and symbol of the first herald of spring announcing that something new is emerging from the old.

And I thought to myself last year that it would be nice to celebrate a Lumikello festival and do something special.

This year I was once again looking for a talented person whose work touches me. In the fall I basically stumbled upon this wonderful person. The illustrator Anna Markfort painted my husband with our dogs and I was completely in love with her "line", her colors, her wink. Anna designs with her own label “Halber Hahn” in Trier and I was really happy when she said “yes” and we could tackle the “Snowdrop” project. And not only that; The collaboration with Anna will continue this year and we have some really nice ideas.

But now to the prints. The theme this year was to give the classic little flowers a new color look. Four motifs were created that can be wonderfully combined and varied. You'll forgive me for not being able to show you with four picture frames yet, but the delivery of the frames was delayed and I didn't want to miss the snowdrop blossom. I would be happy to help you if you have any questions about the combinations.

I framed my prints with a passe-partout. The dimensions of the frame and passe-partout are as follows:


Internal dimensions / cutout 20 x 29 cm


External dimensions 32 x 42 cm

I chose a wooden frame and an ecru-colored passe-partout, but I can also imagine many other beautiful variants.

The prints are of a super great quality that always impresses me. The colors shine so wonderfully. We have them printed on Hahnemühlen paper by our partner Whitewall. You will also receive the prints directly from there - without any detours and packaged very securely. On request I can also order the prints framed for you.

There is also a small gift: As long as stocks last, I will include another card motif with all orders from the shop that is only available to my customers.

Now I hope you enjoy combining and hanging them up. Mine will probably wander all over the house. But I particularly like them as part of my new picture wall. I'm really excited to see where your pictures will hang.

Gallery Wall by Lumikello