We celebrate Christmas with Laura Ginis

Wir feiern Weihnachten mit Laura Ginis

Today I'm really happy to be able to present you something that I've been pregnant with for a very long time: a small collaboration with an artist.

I've had the idea of ​​expanding the Lumikello portfolio a little and developing new products for a long time. It was important to me that they fit me well. And what could have been more obvious than to take up the topic of art and color. It was a complete, happy coincidence that I discovered a picture on @villa_walther's Instagram account that was exactly what I was looking for. I liked the artist's "stroke" and the motif. The colors were fantastic and, in short, exactly what I wanted for such a collaboration. Very modern, colorful and unique.

Short and sweet: I wrote to @laut___ or rather, Laura Ginis and was immediately able to get her excited about my idea. Laura has actually always been painting. But it was only since the lockdown that she began to create images intensively based on the idea that she would want for her home. And so the first works were created.

I had the idea of ​​starting such a collaboration for Christmas because I wanted motifs for Christmas that had never been seen before, were far from kitsch and were special. Laura created five motifs for me, which you can now buy as postcards in the shop. And more products are waiting for you. I confess, realizing it as I wanted it was much more difficult than I thought. I had a lot of demands on paper and print quality and a few misprints later I can now offer you the following:

  • two high-quality art prints - we offer the art print in the 30 x 40 format framed and unframed. We chose this smaller format to make the prints appear special and valuable - far away from posters and billboards. Our mistletoe also fits so well over a door and becomes a tongue-in-cheek alternative to mistletoe. As a further motif we chose the wreath, which will certainly look wonderful on the wall. We have the prints made immediately after receipt of the order. The delivery time is therefore approx. 14 days. They can only be ordered until Christmas this year and are printed on high-quality Hahnemühlen paper. I was completely amazed by the quality. If you wish, you can also receive the art print in a beautiful, matching wooden frame.
  • Large postcards , can be ordered individually, without envelope . You will receive all five motifs on a larger postcard printed on beautiful, thick recycled paper. You can hang them on your pin board at home or give them as gifts. Please note that the format is unfortunately not suitable for envelopes but can be sent as a postcard using standard shipping. Delivery will take place from November 24th. Available while stocks last.
  • Postcards in a pack of five , available to order now. These postcards are slightly smaller and come with a matching envelope and a pack of 5 stickers. Delivery will take place from November 24th. Available while stocks last.
  • Voucher cards with motifs by Laura Ginis for Lumikello - are now available with every voucher

As a gift for you, you will receive a large card with a motif from Laura free of charge with every order until Christmas. A new card every week.

Another word about the art print. I had it printed on very high-quality Hahnemühlen paper and am more than satisfied with the quality. The slightly rougher paper allows the colors to shine and the motif to appear very three-dimensional. Very close to the original. If requested, we can deliver them in a suitable wooden frame; It would also be conceivable to frame the beautiful prints yourself. The format is 30 x 40 cm. My idea is that we will continue to publish Christmas editions in the coming years and that this will create a nice collection.

And now I'm curious to see whether you are as enthusiastic about Laura's work as I am. And you will definitely be kissed under painted mistletoe. What do you all mean?