Donate materials

On the one hand, our products are made from recycled yarns that come from waste from the textile industry. On the other hand, we cut up T-shirts that no one needs anymore and fitted sheets that may have become a little thin or have holes in them and produce the yarn that helps reduce mountains of garbage.

We use the yarn we produce, for example, in the mini pillows. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for large and small baskets as the stability would suffer. We use different materials for different projects and can give things that no longer need a new life.

From now on you can donate your old textiles to us again.

Please pay attention to the following points:

  • Please let us know briefly by email if you would like to send us material. You will then receive all further information and the shipping address.
  • We can only accept as many materials as we have storage capacity and can process and therefore reserve the right to limit our acceptance.
  • Please only send us washed clothing or bed linen made from stretchy cotton jersey (mixed fabrics are also possible).
  • No underwear
  • We cannot currently process the following colors: white, black
  • The materials may also have smaller holes. We cut around it.

For every part you send us, we will donate 20 cents to a non-profit organization that has yet to be named.