A North German table with French table culture

Eine norddeutsche Tafel mit französischer Tischkultur


How happy I was when my cooperation partner from last year, the traditional French company Degrenne, asked me if I would like to stage their products. I love setting tables so much - not least because it's such a wonderful way to play with colors. And since I can't show all the pictures on Instagram, here is a small picture book of my work for Degrenne with a list of all the products that I was allowed to stage. Voila:

The products:

Plate "Seasons"

Plate "Remeniscene"

Napkins "Nuance"

Empileo glasses

Cutlery "Onde Gold"


Teacup "Empileo"

By the way: three of my favorites can move in here. What do you all mean? Which ones are they?