Easter special and new products

Osterspecial und neue Produkte

When I rethought this online shop, the idea was born to bring things that I love and that you can find on my Instagram blog into the shop every now and then and also to develop new products that are only available in limited editions edition will be given.

Now the time has finally come: The Easter Bunny is hopping over meadows in the far north where Lumikello is at home and I have captured two particularly beautiful specimens for you:

The Easter bunnies are made in the Reichenbach porcelain factory in Thuringia and can be used in so many ways: as table decorations or hidden here and there on a shelf. I've had them for years and they are an integral part of our very simple Easter decorations. The first fresh spring flowers, hand-painted eggs from the children and a beautiful basket are enough for me. A simple white bunny is a nice addition.

Here you can see the photos of my Easter decorations from last year:

The eggs are painted by our children and have been guarded and collected for years. I love traditions like these that may not be stylish or trendy but still have so much more heart.

Speaking of baskets: I've been thinking about offering you a smaller basket for a long time and what better time than Easter. However, it was out of the question for me to include a simple basket crocheted from single crochet stitches in my program (you can find plenty of these on Etsy ;-) ) and so I experimented. And - I swear - after weeks and weeks, I stumbled across an idea on Pinterest and started experimenting: I created baskets that almost no longer look crocheted, but are more braided and so very special.

Easter basket made of textile yarn

Today I can present the first ones. Actually it should only be available in a limited Easter edition. But since I've already received so many requests from you, I'll give you a first swing and then continue crocheting - depending on whether you find friends or not. I think they're great: first as an Easter basket filled with sweets or perhaps a porcelain bunny and later as a utensil in the wardrobe, as a storage for bits and bobs in the children's room or as a small bread basket for two on the kitchen table.

Storage basket

I also crocheted a few larger ones, which I am already offering. There will be more of this soon. Little by little, as our capacities and material allow. All baskets are made from recycled yarns, which are leftover from the textile industry and are only available in limited quantities. That's why there are only a certain number of the baskets in a certain color.

I'm really excited to see how you like my new ideas. Oh yes... for all orders up to Easter I'll add a pretty Easter card made of recycled paper, which you can also buy separately in the shop.

I wish you a good, healthy time and will be back very soon with a new, great project.